About Brand

The Lunchskins brand was born out of her need for a planet-friendly and stylish alternative to disposable plastic bags.
It all started around a kitchen table in 2008 for Founder, Kirsten Quigley. While raising her young family, she noticed how much waste was generated on a daily basis packing 20+ lunches a week and countless snacks on the go for classes, teams, and camps. From the beginning, she knew that whatever she created had to be easy, affordable, and fun so people would make it part of their daily routine, and collectively have a much bigger positive impact on our environment.
Since Lunchskins started, 3GreenMoms®, a woman-owned company has been helping families and communities think and act greener by replacing 2.8 billion plastic bags with Lunchskins bags + over 2.6 million plastic straws.
With a background in environmental sciences, Kirsten's produced the world’s first patent-pending, self-sealing, disposable paper bag, and the first dishwasher-safe reusable fabric bag.
All Lunchskins products give back to the planet with every sale and every time you use them.

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