About Brand

Malpaca® pillows are filled with 100% natural alpaca fleece and are hypo-allergenic.
Most people who are sensitive to wool products find that they are not sensitive to Alpaca. Alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin, which holds dust and microscopic allergens that create an allergic reaction to sheep's wool. Therefore this brand makes pellows that are ideal for those that suffer from allergies including sheep's wool and down feathers.
Malpaca® pillows are filled with 100% alpaca fleece which is naturally fire resistant and chemical free! The alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin and can be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals.
Malpaca’s pillow covers are made with a blend of organic cotton and viscose bamboo, a light, wicking and breathable fabric. With a texture and sheen similar to silk or cashmere, these pillows are comfortable next to your skin year-round, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
Handcrafted in the Heartland, Malpaca® pillows are made at MidWest Nonwovens of Indiana, a family owned and operated company.

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