About Brand

Mandala Dream’s is a hemp-all brand creating a range of handmade beauty, bed linen and yoga accessories.
The ecoistic skincare, haircare and beauty range (formerly Meraki) is Hemp Beauty with Mother Earth at its very core. It’s a small Batch formulated, vegan, organic, ethical, cruelty free and packaged exclusively in biophotonic violet glass without toxic preservatives, parabens, additives or fragrances.
Ecoistic is simply a range of planet loving, earth based formulations that says exactly what it is and who it’s for. Eco vs Ego – when quality means more than a brand name, active ingredients more than catch phrases, ethics and integrity more valued than the dollar. Every item is made by Julie’s hands with love and devotion to our planet, her people and creatures.
All Hemp Seed oil is sourced from Australian Primary Hemp and the essential oils from a local business Ahimsa oils who truly understand the need of ethical sourcing. Also, all ingredients and packaging are purchased locally or at the very least in Australia, generally from the source directly.In the product range you’ll find natural scents, hair and scalp cleanser, face serums (everyday, anti acne, anti aging), body oil, oil cleanser, toner/spritz, under eye treatment, muscle/pain balm, lip conditioner/plumper.

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