About Brand

Margaret O’Leary is effortless luxury from San Francisco.
From their humble beginnings over twenty five years ago, they have ceaselessly searched the world for the most sumptuous cashmere, finest Merino wool, as well as the softest linen and organic cotton available.
The brand proudly collaborates with textile artisans throughout the world. Every Stitch Counts. It all begins with fiber and yarn, sourcing sustainable and beautiful selections with each new design introduction.
These collections evolve from a design sensibility that marries luxury with the effortless chic of my adopted home in Northern California. Designer Margaret, designs for herself and for her friends, finding constant inspiration from the feedback she gets from those who live in their clothing. Cashmere is her go-to yarn because it creates a sensation of inner warmth, as well as physical comfort.
Margaret’s commitment to sustainability has been a lifelong path. For her, it began years ago as a child in Ireland on the family dairy farm. Since there were no store-bought clothes back then, recycling meant that every garment had be so well constructed it could be handed down as a family heirloom among the twelve children. That same quality of enduring value inspires all of her creations. As a proponent of the Slow Fashion movement, to Margaret sustainable luxury means buying an exceptional garment once, caring for it well, and wearing it for a lifetime. With no compromise to style, Margaret creates sumptuous classics that you’ll reach for year after year.

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