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MARI Design is a brand that came into existence when founder Maisie was in my final year at university and also recovering from some health issues. Through her struggles to stay healthy and happy she found yoga. She’ll find herself doing her university work whilst stretching on her yoga mat, which enabled her to remain calm whilst reigniting her passion for art and colour therapy.
Mari Design yoga mats collection are made with 100% biodegradable rubber and with a microfibre top, they are all inspired by the natural world and designed to work with the environment. There are a few designs you can choose from, like the Sattva Yoga Mat inspired by the flow of water, the nature and freedom of it, and the movement and energy it creates. Forest Flow, was inspired by the healing energies of the natural world in Mallorca, the green representing the color of the Heart Chakra and of love so by flowing on a mat covered in so much green you are opening yourself for deeper love, compassion, growth, and transformation The blue connects you to the divine, blue energy is healing and calming, it helps you to communicate with clarity and express yourself authentically.
Mari Design eye pillows provide comfort, safety, and relaxation. The benefits of having slight pressure on your eyes can aid in relaxation, help sleep, release tension headaches, and aid in your meditation. They are handmade by the brand’s founder, who declares to sew the intention of love and peace into each one, filling them with lavender hand-picked in the UK and also UK-grown flaxseeds. The fabrics are dyed using non-toxic, water-based dyes to ensure that the most gentle of fibers is laid across your eyes when using one.
Mari Design Journal brings a collection of notebooks that can be used for writing, planning, sketching, or for designing yoga flows and tracking progress. As someone who has used a lot of notebooks, planners, and sketchbooks over time the brand’s founder designed these journals as something that can be used for everything, matching the beautiful yoga mat collection and provide visual healing.

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