About Brand

Marita Moreno is a Portuguese brand of slow fashion accessories "Made in Portugal” and created ethically using local and national endogenous resources, artisanal and industrial, to design and make objects with history that are used in everyday life.
Ethics, transparency in production and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values to the brand, and the brand’s mission is to timeless design that avoids fashion trends which would imply shorter life cycles to the products. From the beginning, with the creation of limited lines, the use of national raw materials, production in Portugal and the integration of traditional handcrafted textiles in their products.
Since the introduction of the vegan line, in the summer of 2018, we have started to go further and make a careful choice of the sustainable materials. All products from Marita Moreno Limited are numbered and belong to a limited series of a maximum of 100 pieces, which gives to customers uniqueness and exclusiveness about the pieces. Marita Moreno uses the texture of the materials and the colors as fundamental elements in the creation of a geometric and sculptural design.
All the products are Portuguese, as well as the production quality. The brand works with a craftsman who made our handmade bags, with certified artisans who made handmade weaving especially for Marita Moreno, and with a small family factory. The brand has a close relationship with the suppliers who provide the raw material we use to make their collections of products.

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