About Brand

Mashu is an accessories label specialising in handbags. Designed in London and made by expert artisans in Greece, supporting local traditional craft to create a positive impart in the community and to keep traditional craft alive.
The brand is founded by London based designer Ioanna Topouzoglou, and inspired by Art Deco interiors and objects along with Cycladic and contemporary architecture. Mashu is committed to using premium sustainable materials, mostly recycled and headstock, like polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyols, obtained from no food and GMO free corn crops. Some vegan textiles are also present, like cactus leather or Piñatex.
Aware of the huge impact the fashion industry is having on our planet and its inhabitants, Mashu is committed to drive change through best practice, ensuring our environmental impact is as small as possible through our production, materials and entire supply chain. The brand believes a good product is judged not only by its looks but equally through the way it was created. Manufacturing locally builds a healthier economy, has a smaller carbon footprint and supports the countries workforce.
Mashu handbags are made in Athens, Greece, working alongside with local artisans who put a lot of care and passion into each item they make. From the handles, hardware, packaging and handbags, the majority of their components are produced locally in Athens. With the exception of the fabrics which are mostly sourced within the EU and their chains are sourced and made in Italy.

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