About Brand

MASKA is dedicated to creating exceptional clothes where yarn, fabric and design come together in perfect harmony. Each MASKA garment is crafted from natural fibers, carefully selected for their lasting beauty.
The brand was founded on the Swedish west coast in 2009 by Maria Svensson and launched a year later. Sustainable material and production choices have been a matter of course from the very beginning, as well as keeping a high design profile.
The designs might appear simple at first, but include subtle details and materials that balance simplicity with complexity. MASKA’s mission is to design relevant, quality garments that transcend the seasons and to produce them in a sustainable way.
MASKA brings to their collections a profound understanding of the character of the fibres: what fibre should be used in which garment and how it should be treated. Natural fibres, such as wool, hemp and linen have unique and excellent attributes. If you pick the right one, the final product will keep its shape and colour, have an amazing lustre, antibacterial capacities and will hardly ever need to be washed. The brand work actively to promote alternative luxury fibers such as alpaca, camel, silk and mohair to avoid stressing the resources of just a few.
The brand hand picks all yarns and fabrics and always keep direct contact with the spinning mills and weavers, to make sure the fibre choices and yarn suppliers align with the brand’s beliefs and visions. 95% of our knitwear and wovens are produced in the EU, following the labour laws and the strict chemical regulations of the European Union. Cashmere and silk is produced in Nepal in a GOTS-certified* factory. The yarn used in Nepal also follows a GOTS certified production process. All knitwear yarn, except from the cashmere and silk blend, is spun in Europe.

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