About Brand

Artisan handcrafted Mezcal is made in collaboration with 9 producing regions of Oaxaca, Mexico.
The brand looks for micro distilleries that want to work with them and provides them knowledge and investment, with a promise to buy their finished product. That way they became entrepreneurs (not employees), always taking care of a 100% artisan process based on good practices and good caring of the ecosystem; and so their income becomes sustainable.
The brand is constantly planting Espadín, Tobalá y Cirial agaves. Agave grow slowly, but the brand's goal is to be able to use exclusively the agaves they have planted.
Mezcal Union takes care of genetic variety of the agave and with good agricultural practices to avoid soil erosion, as well as helping diversify the gene pool — and help save the endangered lesser long-nosed bat that pollinates them.

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