About Brand

Micro is an award-winning brand and inventor of the original microscooter, featuring a swiss innovative.
Contrary to today's disposable society, Micro products are made for a long life. The brand guarantees a unique worldwide repair and spare parts service for every product. The Microscooters are characterised by exceptionally high quality and longevity.
The brand uses only carefully selected materials. The components, for example, only non-toxic foams are used for the handles to protect the environment. Most parts are screwed together rather than welded, meaning they can be easily replaced if necessary. At every stage of the development and production process, each new product undergoes strict quality control with various test procedures; this guarantees that all requirements of national and international safety standards are met.
The brand uses recycled plastic material to produce the range of Micro Kids Scooters. The running board (and brake on the Mini Micro Deluxe ECO) of the ECO Kids Scooters are made of recycled fishing nets, ropes and other plastic waste from the maritime industry. In addition, the products have the same features as the popular Mini & Maxi Micro Deluxe: the patented steering system by shifting weight promotes balance and motor skills, the handlebars can be optimally adjusted to the size of the child and the non-slip silicone footboard provides support and safety on the scooter.

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