About Brand

We are a budding start-up endeavoring to promote the use of eco-friendly products by manifesting the use of 100% recycled plastic. We intend to raise awareness about responsible consumption by deploying eco-friendly materials in our products and using them majorly in the mainstream /top-of-the-line items. Of all the plastic produced till now, 9% has been lost (by incineration or decomposed completely) but the remaining 91% is where our opportunity lies. Our project is to tackle all the plastic waste around us for a better future for all.

All single-use plastic packaging that took less than 10 seconds to unpack tends to harm our planet severely (e.g.: snacks, water bottles, etc). This is where Minus comes into action: to rescue all the short-lived plastic and ensure that they don’t end in a landfill or any water body.

Our mission is to reduce the genesis of virgin plastic by replacing it with reused and recycled plastic of superior quality wherever permissible. We act as an incubation funnel where the raw plastic transforms into sustainable material, eco-designed without compromising the quality of the green products. So, when you use such sustainable and eco-friendly products made from recyclable plastic, it ensures positive changes around us.

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