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M&J London has created a collection of ethical scented candles inspired by travels around the world, a combination of places and seasons.
The brand’s mission is to create products of style and beauty, while building a business that holds true to ideals of integrity and fairness to other people and to the environment as a whole. These ideals drive their entire production process — from sourcing of materials to design and production.
In fact, the ethics and sustainability of M&J London scented candles are narrowed to each detail. The brand uses a lead-free wick made of linen and cotton, creating a clean-burning experience where you would only breath a lovely and healthy fragrance.
Each of the scents is created by a perfumer, bringing the knowledge to develop bespoke blends of fragrances, combining essential oils and natural aroma compounds. The reason behind this formula is the dubious ethics of where essential oils are often sourced from.
The wax is vegan-friendly, made from 100% rainforest safe soya, which is a renewable green resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. If that wasn’t good enough, soya wax does not stain, giving you a pain-free home environment.
The glass containers are handcrafted and fully made out of recycled glass, with a beautiful shape that you would love to keep and up-cycle as a drinking tumbler. Realise that recycled glass tumblers cost four times as much as standard virgin manufactured glasses.

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