About Brand

This brand creates luxury as it should be. High quality, transparent and fair for all parties.
Inspired by a trip to the Himalayas - out of love for nature, people and craftsmanship, MOGLI & MARTINI was born bringing a fashion collection made out of cashmere. The garments are cuddly soft, comfortably warm and sustainably produced.
MOGLI & MARTINI’s passion for traditional craftsmanship and timeless high-quality design is the quintessence, respecting the shepherds and their cashmere goats. The fibers from which our yarns are spun are obtained exclusively by carefully combing out the undercoat of free-roaming cashmere goats. All fibres used are at least 36mm long and a maximum of 15.5µm thick on average. In addition, all their yarns are laboratory tested and certified by OEKO-TEX ®.

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