About Brand

MOI MOI is a sustainable leather bags brand from Helsinki. The bags are made considering day-to-day tasks while maintaining a taste for clean, modern lines. Bags that you can use over the years, leave for a while and then use them again.
MOI MOI products age beautiful, making each one of them unique, your own. The brand believes in traditional craftsmanship and high quality materials. And their philosophy is to buy less and better quality, products that last long.
MOI MOI’s mission is to produce locally, support small companies (like us) and pay fair salaries for their products and materials production. All our products are made with artisanal techniques and vegetal tanned leather.
The products are all designed in Helsinki and produce them in Spain and Finland. This allows them to keep their production inside EU to ensure they know everyone involved in the production chain. Every product tells where it has been produced to keep things transparent.

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