About Brand

The MonCinta® label, founded in 2017 by Natalya Steffens, is a heart project that stands for ecological and fair fashion. Comfort, quality and durability are further features of this label. The noble workmanship and the elegant design result in a piece of clothing in which women feel comfortable and exude self-confidence.
MonCinta combines traditional craftsmanship and a love of beautiful fabrics. The collections features a range of wonderful materials that are produced with an emphasis on the environment. The selected fabrics are of selected quality and for the most part come from smaller factories and weaving mills. The brand uses recycled cotton, organic linen, organic hemp, peace silk and Tencel®
The brand has an upcycling service transforming items or accessories that are no longer used into your new favorite item - making the unsustainable wearable. Inspired by nature, people, art and history, each piece is made with a very personal idea.

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