About Brand

Founder Karen Hoskin had her first taste of rum in Goa, India. The idea to make it herself solidified on a beach in Belize. She built the distillery in the Rocky Mountains, and we now ship rum to 44 states and 7 countries (and growing).
This female-owned American rum is globally inspired—and on a path to change the way people think about rum. From there, every step is as environmentally responsible as it can be. The facilities are 100% wind powered, we offset carbon production, and their bottle supplier is certified Cradle to Cradle—among many other practices.
From merchandise acquisition to a straw-free bar and tasting room, to carbon offsetting, there are more than 40 different actions the brand takes to ensure responsibility throughout the process. Locally, Montana Rum supports organizations that work in the arts, outdoor recreation, cancer support, sexual assault prevention and food security (among others).

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