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Monzo’s on a mission to build a bank, together, and making banking better by solving your problems, treating you fairly and being totally transparent.
The brand believes in an alternative to the banking of the past, focused on solving problems and make money work for everyone, rather than selling financial products. Monzo is focused on supporting our customers' needs, as well as making our app as accessible as possible. They also want to support those people who don’t bank with us, by driving up standards across the banking industry, making sure that as many people as possible get the support they need.
Monzo also runs a social program for which holds the company to high standards of ethical behaviour, starting with the way we support their own employees, by creating an environment where everyone belongs. Furthermore, the brand works in partnership with charities and other organisations to campaign for the change we want to see, whether it’s protecting the environment, or promoting financial inclusion.
This financial institution also looks at its environmental impact, and has managed to build a bank with a comparatively low environmental footprint. They’re branchless, digital, and we don’t invest in fossil fuel based energy companies. However, their operations still contribute to global climate change, and knowing that as they grow as a business, their environmental impact will grow too. For this, Monzo takes responsibility to minimise and offset their carbon emissions.
Besides the daily activity, Monzo has also researched and campaigned to improve gambling protections for everyone in the UK by allowing customers to block gambling transactions. They were pioneers in bringing in this feature, and which over 300,000 Monzo customers have used it. This year, they’ve teamed up with charities, academics and NHS clinicians to ask the government to make sure everyone can access a gambling block, no matter who they bank with.
Last but not least, Monzo we know that your mental health profoundly impacts how you manage your money. This bank works with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute to improve their accessibility for customers with mental health problems, by becoming the first bank to take part in its Mental Health Accessible Lite programme.

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