About Brand

Moon Picnic is a small children’s brand based in California, creating original fun designs for a creative childhood. The brand’s mission is to bring to your family the best designs this wonderful planet has to offer, to help create an unforgettable, nurturing, beautiful and often magical childhood in these busy modern times.
Moon Picnic creates carefully designed toys with a focus on engagement - how the toys can connect to children's daily lives, how they can interact intelligently and emotionally with the toy... Every toy is lovingly made to the highest standard with sustainable sourced natural materials.
The collection here grows slowly, conscientiously with a dedication to a truly inspired childhood. You’ll not find all the trending products of the season from every brand, it’s going to be a slow but wonderful journey finding the most wonderful treasures, often not ‘trending’ but instead timeless, one by one, discovering them together if you join our journey.
Come with us for a picnic on the moon, with a basket filled with childhood magic!

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