About Brand

Moon Valley Organics is a pure organic skincare brand that exists to protects pollinators. The brand affectionately refers to its farm where they grow and process their medicinal herbs as their "farmacy" because they believe there is profound healing power in nature. They have found the best way to tap into this power by staying respectful, responsible and resolute in honoring the gifts from Mother Earth.
Their design, research, production, and sales teams are an assembly of strong local community organizers, artists, parents, entrepreneurs, activists, engineers, doctors, herbalists, and farmers dedicated to living in and creating a more sustainable, wholesome world. The skincare range is developed with the intention to nourish and heal your body, mind, and spirit, as well as to care for the Earth. Kim and Aaron Otto, creators of Moon Valley Organics, share their combined experiences in farming, healing, creativity/artistry, and activism to nurture a thriving business. Their quest for wholeness and well-being led them to develop their unique healing body care products. They recently collaborated with Dr. Daniel Newman, MD, ND, and DOM, and other licensed herbalists to formulate their newest medicinal salves.
Daniel brings over 20 years of experience with internal medicine and pain management. He contributes his knowledge to formulating these unique blends of medicinal salves, which combine the favorite western herbs with traditional Chinese medicinals. The bulk of their ingredients are grown and processed in the Cascadia Bioregion, or meet high standards of integrity, quality and sustainability.
Moon Valley Organics shares its practical knowledge about the role pollinators play in sustaining a healthy ecosystem and what pollinators need in order to thrive. Every growing season they host a handful of volunteers from the WWOOF program (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to share hands-on learning with the next generation of organic farmers and grassroots activists.
Furthermore, the brand devotes 10% of their profits to help protect pollinators through direct action and contributions to non-profits.

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