About Brand

Mt. Retour is a certified Organic essential oils and skincare brand for all skin types: sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, skin irritation, severe dandruff, normal & dry skin, oily & combination, and anti-aging.
The brand’s vision is to create the purest most natural certified organic essential oils and certified organic skincare products that are safe for all skin types, have the best quality certified organic ingredients and are affordable.
France, the birthplace of contemporary aromatherapy an art form which influenced by the birthplace of Perfume, Montpellier. A prominent location in the history of luxury goods, an encouraging location for Mt. Retour founder Pisan Chowvalit to begin his exploration of Aromatherapy. After an enlightening course, Pisan noticed the various natural healing powers of herbs, botanicals and essential oils. Ingredients which had great benefits in aromatherapy and set out to create a line of all natural skincare products that were not overly sensitive to his skin, a gentle solution.
Inspired by nature and his time in France, Pisan returned to Australia where the stress of his work and natural environment lead into an increasingly developing sensitive skin problem. At first steroid creams provided an effective solution to relieve this problem, however over time caused his skin to thin and become much more fragile. In response, he turned his focus onto all natural products purchasing an organic farm in the pristine Blue Mountains in which he cultivated his own herbs and botanicals. A pebble in his mind had slowly sprouted into a mountain of knowledge and experience.
Today Mt.retour is distributed to over 15 countries and is a leading certified organic skincare brand in Asia. It meets the highest certified organic standards and is accredited by Australian Certified Organic(ACO) and the Organic Food Chain(OFC). It contains no harsh synthetic chemicals including no artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals.

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