About Brand

MUD Jeans is a circular denim brand creating a collection of high quality jeans consist of recycled and organic cotton. The brand basically uses your worn out jeans to create new ones. For a future without waste.
Every pair of MUD Jeans is recycled into a new MUD Jeans, leaving no waste and using 92% less water than an average jeans. The brand only works with selected manufacturers that ensure the wellbeing of everybody involved. They are radically transparent about their ethical and sustainable impact, which has allowed them to earn multiple certifications.
Because doing less harm is no longer enough, the brand created a circular way of producing jeans. It started in 2013 when Bert van Son founded the company. His 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry made him realize how dirty and unfair the industry is most of the time. He witnessed that life for factory workers is extremely demanding, and that it’s endless demands for materials are ruining our planet. He wanted to do things differently.
To achieve this, MUD Jeans keeps their supply chain short and build long-lasting relations with their suppliers, which sign the brand’s Code of Conduct which includes providing fair and equal pay so we can enrich the livelihood of everyone working across the supply chain. They also care for solidarity, inclusiveness and democracy, regardless of race, gender, age, shape or ability. The garment industry is dominated by female workers, 80% of this industry is made up of women between the ages of 18 and 35. MUD Jeans believes that this industry could have a great potential as an emancipatory force for women all around the world.
The brand’s mission is for the fashion industry to be driven by circular production and conscious consumption. We pioneer with jeans, by taking positive action, being transparent and supporting sufficiency. They believe that being mindful of nature and people is a necessity. MUD Jeans sees a future in which our fashion industry finds a way of producing and consuming that does not stand in the way of our enjoyment nor that of future generations.

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