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MV SKINTHERAPY is a pioneer in the field of luxury, plant-powered, and small batch skincare. Founded in 1999, inspired by the treatment of sensitivity, celebrity facialist Sharon McGlinchey has set a precedent in the industry with her unique, refreshing and honest approach to skin health.
The brand believes in the power of simplicity, that less is more - and that skin health should embody a holistic approach, using the grounding art of ritual to transform an everyday 'routine' into as essential act of loving self-care. Crafted from the purest ingredients and formulated solely for their beautiful, natural affinity with your skin - this is MV SKINTHERAPY.
The formulations harness the very best of what nature has to offer, and when combined with their unique and respectful manufacture process, preserve the potency and life force of the precious essential oils and organic plant oils used. As a result, MV SKINTHERAPY has gained a cult following around the world and hold a unique position in the industry, with endorsements from naturopaths, holistic GP’s, dermatologists, internationally renowned make-up artists and a loyal band of devotees who can testify to MV’s efficacy.
The brand is also committed to rebelling against the beauty industry, by reaffirming natural beauty with no negative marketing. They stand by the belief and our privilege to grow older and strongly believe in challenging the beauty industry’s attitude towards ageing. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to care for your skin as you mature, however there is something deeply toxic about having disdain (and ever fear) about the gift of getting older - that is, the gift of living.”
Nevertheless, the story of the founder and how it all started comes wrapped in a beautiful gift, as she tells: “I reluctantly attended a natural skincare workshop because I had a toddler and was suffering badly from sleep deprivation. I certainly didn’t attend because I wanted to make my own petrochemical- free skincare – I went along because I really wanted to help one client find a natural solution to her dilemma – nothing more. Long story short – at the end of the weekend workshop my head was spinning on its axis. So much information about cosmetic ingredient toxicity and the potential health implications. I could hardly believe what I’d heard and this experience opened a can of worms I couldn’t possibly close the lid on. I just couldn’t let this go so I started researching myself. I really wanted to be sure what I’d been told was true. Well...it was!” Sharon

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