About Brand

Freda is about periods. Personalised. Because periods are universal, but each one is unique and so Freda has chosen to personalise yours with organic and natural period care subscription boxes giving you exactly what you need when you need it.
This award-winning natural and organic period and bladder care products brand uses 100% certified organic cotton and, if you choose to use an applicator, you know they’re made from plant-based materia instead of plastic components.
How does Freda subscription work? First of all, choose from pre-selected Freda boxes or create your own mix of products and absorbencies by choosing the quantity and frequency of delivery.
As for the social impact, Freda believes that access to period care is a basic human right. That’s why they’ve incorporated a giveback pledge at the core of their business, supporting and empowering women and girls in need. So far they have partnered with Bloody Good Period, The Red Box Project and A Bloody Good Cause.

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