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My little plastic footprint app helps you reduce a plastic usage by going on a plastic diet. It is possible to reduce plastic consumption and choose better sustainable alternatives.
It is remarkably simple to use. First all of all, you need to choose six areas in your life where you would like to reduce plastic from. My Little Plastic Footprint focuses on plastic items found in the main areas of our daily lives. With every item you add to your diet, you will discover a sustainable alternative that you must achieve.
To calculate your plastic footprint, the app has created the Plastic Mass Index (PMI). The PMI is a measure to calculate your contribution to plastic pollution. The closer your PMI is to zero, the less you contribute; the closer your PMI gets to 100, the more you contribute. By going on a plastic diet, you will reduce your PMI.
It is essential for the community to convince every person on the Planet to think about plastic consumption and take action and this app is a very good way to get you started!

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