About Brand

Myakka is a brand of beautifully handcrafted, sustainably sourced furniture & home decor are built to love and last. High quality, kiln dried woods, traditionally hand loomed rugs. Individual pieces to be passed down, crafted with care by the artisans who created them.
Every Myakka product you choose is useful, beautiful, dependable and enduring. That way, fair trade is neither a charity nor a compromise but a real delight you’ll be proud to welcome into your home. Between Myakka and their main suppliers in India, Vietnam and Thailand, they negotiate fair and proper prices.
Myakka’s success brings more jobs, more trade and more financial stability not just for the company but for the families and community it supports. Their smaller subcontractors thrive too. For example, through growing trade, one has been able to buy the land that its workshops are on. “We see it all happening when we visit twice a year and we celebrate all these continuous developments. We’re proud to be part of what’s being achieved in every department, especially for the people we’ve come to know so well.”
Since 2014, the brand has been working to establish a sheesham replanting programme and have planted more than 15,000 saplings. A truly grassroots project involving a handful of dedicated individuals, a group of 15 farmers in the state of Haryana and a lot of combined effort.
Every operation has an impact on the environment and Myakka works to minimise our footprint as far as we can. They have identified their key areas of impact on our planet as the use of timber in the production of furniture, raw materials in the production of soft furnishings, and CO2 emissions from transporting the products. Additionally, they are committed to importing by sea, not air, and this has considerable benefits for the planet in terms of reduced emissions. Furthermore, they’re also commit to recycling and minimising resources used in the direct mail, packaging and warehousing.

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