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Native Essentials brings a high-performance skincare featuring a simplified beauty routine collection. The products are made of native plants and aromatic botanicals, extracting their vibrant colours naturally and choosing only the purest sources.
This innovative brand has created a skincare line that allows you to personalise the routine for each skin type, for which you can also run a skin test.
Native essentials are powered by advanced active ingredients, enriched with luxurious plant extracts and exquisite aromatics. A truly multi-tasking range designed to give you a supercharged glow in your stunning face.
Formulated with zero-waste principles, some oils obtained from the discharged seeds and kernels of fruits used to produce jams and juices (Apricot, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Watermelon, Plum, Avocado, Kiwi). The brand does not use endangered ingredients or if they are harvested from areas where the biodiversity is compromised. Many of their ingredients are ECOCERT, COSMOS, ACO and SOIL ASSOCIATION certified.
Furthermore, Native Essentials is careful about the carbon footprint, sourcing local ingredients and reducing the range to fewer amount of products. The packaging is made out of clear glass and easy-to-recycle PPE plastic and silicon for the closures; all bottles and jars are refillable and reusable, and the 15 ml bottles are box-free.

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