About Brand

Since 1969, Natura’s reason for being has been to create and sell products and services that promote the harmonious relationship of the individual with oneself, with others and with nature.
Today, the Natura Brasil delivers exclusive and sustainable innovation by combining the power of nature and state-of-the-art science, in more than 2,000 products and over 7,000 formulas, 45 company-owned stores, and products in 3,800 pharmacies. The brand accelerates innovation and makes it viable, confident that together we can make the world more beautiful.
Hailing from Brazil, the country with the richest biodiversity on earth, Natura’s Brasil has long been committed to using Brazilian biodiversity ingredients in its products range. Their R & D scientists study each ingredient to understand how to extract the maximum benefits for skin and hair. Also, the brand works directly with over 30 local communities in the Amazon region—including more than 300 families-- to help them develop sustainable business models that benefit the forest.
Natura’s commitment is not only to the environment but to society as well, as the brand has several programs in place in Brazil and Latin America that support social and cultural initiatives. Two of the most important are Instituto Natura, which supports public education, and Natura Musical which promotes Brazilian music to help preserve this important aspect of Brazilian culture. BUILDING A BETTER WORLD.

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