About Brand

Natural Home® Brands has created eco-friendly kitchen tools, cleaning tools and health and beauty products that are sustainable, credible, and innovative.
The brand provides socially responsible, economical and natural products that are made with environmentally friendly ingredients, creating a balanced lifestyle for all homes and personal living.
From the harvesting of raw materials to the finished products and packaging, the brand has chosen the most sustainable materials available for affordable sustainable everyday living.
With underlining fundamental thought of reducing plastic, their innovative IP on Molded Bamboo® offers products that look, feel and are as durable as Melamine with a major difference: it have no petroleum, polyolefin, and are 100% BPA free. Their cleaning cloths are made from tree bark (viscose) - made to last and use multiple times while reducing paper towel use.
Natural and sustainable living is the foundation of today’s positive movement to better the way we all live, and the world we live in. Natural Home® Brands wants to help make every home a natural home.

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