About Brand

Dogs are designed to eat fresh, natural, raw food. No nasty processed stuff or unnecessary filler ingredients. NATURAW is a fresh, modern and incredibly passionate group of humans inspired by our own dogs to create the best raw food we could possibly put in their bellies. Made with no compromises, just high welfare meat from British farms, packed in completely compostable packaging with a huge dollop of love.
The brand is passionate about responsibly sourcing the best quality ingredients for their raw food whilst minimising their footprint on the planet.
As for their well-made ingredients, the core minces are created to the ratios of prey model raw. Not sure what that means? It’s basically the makeup of a dog’s natural diet in the wild where they would be catching their own food (eg. a whole rabbit, chicken). This works out as approximately 80% meat 10% bone 10% offal (liver, kidney, spleen etc). Their recipes never include any lungs, meach chunks, heart, skin or bones, although this is an extremely cheap ingredient it really has little nutritional value.
When raw feeding, it is imperative to feed a diet with the correct ratios, not too much bone or offal in particular. NATURAW make their minces in small batches, which ensures the accuracy is exactly what it should be.
The entire range is eco-packaged, in bagasse, which is made from sugarcane pulp, a byproduct of the sugar industry. it is totally natural, food safe & confirmed as gmo free – it’s a completely sustainable and renewable resource. They wrap each one in a beautiful fsc certified cardboard sleeve printed in vegetable inks. Furthemore, the brand has also partnered up with the One Tree Planted organisation and so far have close to 3000 trees planted thanks to their customers and subscribers!

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