About Brand

New Mountain is a supplier of Australian sandalwood oils, powders and incense sticks which work as natural mosquito repellents.
The brand use 100% sandalwood, which is the most expensive wood in the world. The natural occurring smoke from the burning of Sandalwood repels mosquitos and significantly helps reduce contact with mosquitoes. There are no additives, and the only extra ingredients are a blend of natural essential oils.
New Mountain Sandalwood mosquito repellent products are uniquely chemical and DEET free made from Western Australian Sandalwood, containing only natural and pure ingredients, ensuring a premium, safe product for you and your family.
Each 3 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Stick is designed to burn for 3 hours in the wind. However, in most patio areas the stick will burn for up to 4 hours. Each 6 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Stick will burn for approximately 6 hours.
New Mountain Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks are made from deadwood collected from the desert areas of Western Australia. No trees are cut down to manufacture the sticks and even the collector of deadwood is carefully monitored to ensure that the wood is not collected quicker than it naturally dies.

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