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Ethical tech products with Nimble: better features in a humble packaging. From portable and wireless chargers phone cases, USB-C cables to wall chargers.
Made of recycled aluminium, plant-based bioplastics and plastic-free packaging, the brand has an incredible range of ethically made and sustainably designed tech accessories.
Nimble has also implemented an e-recycling program to use in their ethical tech products, as well as putting a full stop to stupid retail packaging waste – which is not just difficult to recycled but adds up to a 20% to the final price of the product. The results? The tech that is made from sustainable materials for less than half the price, without sacrificing performance.
Take charge of your e-waste & connect to tech for good for a longer life of your electronics, and claim back the right to know how your products are made, where they come from and the impact they have on the world.
The iPhone cases made of recycled plastic. Nimble is making efforts to focus specifically on plastic waste and its effect on our oceans with its Bottle iPhone case range, which comes in five colors inspired by the ocean: Soft Coral, Seagrass, Glacier, Deep Sea and Black Sand. Furthermore, the 5% of every case sold goes directly to protecting the world’s oceans and marine life in partnership with a different nonprofit for each color.

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