About Brand

No 13 is an ethical luxury jewellery brand based in Hatton Garden, London. Inspired by nature and indigenous people, No 13 hand-makes each piece from recycled silver and gold, and use ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones.
The brand works with indigenous artisans who live in some of the remotest and endangered places on the planet to bring you the most original and contemporary designs. The first collection was inspired and handmade in collaboration with Sami Artisans who inhabit the Arctic Circle. Reindeer antlers are shed naturally and harvested by the Sami people once a year. You can see their Sami carver at work along with his beautiful herd of reindeer above. Sixten is a true craftsman with over 40 years experience in reindeer shepherding and scrimshaw carving. He hand carves each reindeer antler cabochon to the brand’s specifications, then etches with ancient Sami patterns and inlays with india ink and silver to bring out the detailing.
No 13 values include sustainability, social responsibility, excellence and integrity – in their London studiom, find their small team of master goldsmiths. These values are really important to the brand as they wanted to create a business that does as little harm to the planet as possible, whilst knowing exactly where and how each of their pieces are made.
Also the packaging is made from recycled card.

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