About Brand

Non Manon creates fun, timeless designs for people who want to invest in long-lasting garments without compromising their individual sense of style.
For a long time, we've been told that timelessness is achieved by purchasing simple, neutral-toned clothes - bright colors, prints and sequins aren't supposed to stay in our closets forever. Non Manon wants to challenge that mindset, and create fun, fabulous, 70s/80s-inspired classics for people who love color today, and will still love it in two or three decades.
Non Manon brings you wardrobe staples for those who want to become their brave, bold future selves today, and could use a little sartorial push to do so. This colorful, vintage-inspired clothes are classics in their own right, and living proof that timeless doesn't have to mean boring.
Made-to-order brand Non Manon uses deadstock fabrics and other eco-friendly materials to create garments with bold colors and prints. The fabrics are all natural fibers - either organic cotton or silk -, and their prints are made with OEKO-TEX certified dyes, safe for people and the planet.
From Marta’s tiny studio apartment in Lisbon, she designs every piece and works alongside seamstress Maria Beatriz and pattern-maker Susana, the two talented ladies who help produce the designs.

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