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The distillery is a state-of-the-art, zero-waste facility employing organic, chemical-free sugar cane. Novo Fogo is handcrafted from estate sugarcane grown on the slope of Pico do Marumbi, bordering the Atlantic Rainforest, and overlooking the coastline.
The brand continues to look for ways to live in and with the ecosystem around them, one of the most environmentally activist regions in the world. While it was once a massive continuous jungle more than twice the size of Texas, the Atlantic Forest has lost 88% of its original area of 375 million acres due to deforestation. Today the forest is highly fragmented and the giant trees of the Atlantic Forest are mostly gone. Because of this, over 11,000 species of plants and animals are considered threatened in the Atlantic Forest.
Novo Fogo has kickstarted “The Unendangered Forest,” a reforestation program that has planted over 500 native, endangered trees and the registering (and protecting) of 88 bird species who use those trees. Today the project has expanded to other partners; collectively, the land stewards represent thousands of acres of Atlantic Forest that are being preserved and nourished back to health.

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