About Brand

OGNX is a yoga and activewear brand on a mission to redefine the way fashion is done.
With the aim of revolutionizing the fashion industry with sustainable yoga and sports clothing, the label OGNX („organics“) was launched in 2012. A vision, where sustainability, fairness and environmental awareness occupy a permanent place in the textile industry.
The brand is working with innovative manufacturers that produce our 100% vegan, high quality yogawear with organic natural fibers such as organic cotton or Tencel™, or recycled Polyester, Polyamid and Nylon.
At OGNX, they personally select their producers and are in close and friendly contact with them. The employees are happy, and work in safe conditions and are paid fairly. The brand selects manufacturing companies according to strict criteria and visits them regularly. The brand is very transparent on how and where the clothes are made.

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