About Brand

Oker & Mos is the place for super soft baby items made from 100% organic cotton.
At Oker & Mos they love soft, natural materials that are beautiful and super nice to use. The print is made with real honeycomb. The brand wants to raise awareness on the importance of bees, resulting in a beautiful and unique design. Using the beauty of nature as a source of inspiration, they cut the pattern from a real honey frame and make different patterns that you see in their collection.
The baby cloths are made of cotton muslin fabric, which is a super soft and air-permeable fabric that is very nice for your child's skin. You can dry well with it, but you can also cuddle with it. The collection consists of 9 items that are available in four colors: yellow ocher, moss green, old pink and sandy grey.
Quality, a beautiful design and finish is what the brand stands for. All Oker & Mos products are suitable for children with sensitive skin, the items are safe to use because they only use natural materials such as cotton.

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