About Brand

Oliver and Edie brings premium organic coffee products including a range of biodegradable coffee pods. Wake up every morning with Oliver & Edie’s beautifully balanced Certified Organic coffee. Roasted in Australia so you can enjoy your coffee exactly how you like it – anywhere you like it.
What started on a little market coffee stall, led the creation of Oliver and Edie with an incredible philosophy behind the brand. By offering some of the best Rainforest Alliance Certified and Australian Certified Organic coffee, the brand aims to extend the reach of their ethos which embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle.
This fair trade coffee ensures that you have the best coffee experience whilst making a conscious choice to support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of all people and communities behind the brew. By using biodegradable pods, people everywhere can still enjoy the convenience of coffee on the go, but more importantly – an eco-friendly product which doesn’t compromise on quality.
Every cup is a direct reflection of the raw energy, authenticity and robustness of the personalities who stand behind it. If coffee connects, then Oliver & Edie brings a heightened level of romance, intimacy and quality to the table. Fancy a little romance?

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