About Brand

Omie Life is the first and only kids bento box that stores hot and cold food - making it easy to create nutritious and delicious meal options!
The brand’s mission is to create thoughtful products that make healthy lifestyles effortless, they are crazy passionate about making real, everyday tasks simpler. Packing homemade lunches for your kids 180 days a year? That’s the real stuff. They do it right by making a lunch container that packs hot and cold food together.
The story behind this innovative product is of a picky eater and his mom. When founder Nancy Yen's son started preschool, he had a tough time at lunch. He missed the warm meals he was used to at home, plus he needed help opening container and laying out his lunch. After umpteen uneaten lunches and the daunting prospect of facing a cranky toddler at pick up, Nancy decided it was time to reinvent how kids bring lunch to school. What began as an invention of necessity is now OmieLife - a company whose mission is to solve real problem through innovative solutions.
Every new product Omie Life makes starts with in-depth research so taking into consideration customers' pain points and needs. Consequently, each design is unique and original, and (hopefully) makes everyone's lives a little simpler, a little healthier.

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