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Join the plastic-free movement and make a difference with your zero waste life to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Rot. ONYA makes it really easy with this large range of reusables made out of recycled materials.
Here you can find kitchenware, like bags for your produce, bread, bulk foods or shopping. Also drink reusables like coffee cups or water bottles. Of course, anything for your travels including backpacks, and now even a range of dog waste bags and carry pouches for your pets.
As a B Corp certified organisation, the brand is committed to social and environmental responsibility. ONYA’s goal is to create products that don’t just promote a healthier and more sustainable planet, but create opportunities for workers and families along the way, too. Throughout the years, the brand has made plenty of changes to our operations to ensure we do right by people and planet equally.
ONYA’s workforce is also carbon positive (using less emissions than we make) and we also offer an in house recycling programme so their products never need go to landfill.
Wherever you go, carry reusables ONYA for a zero waste life.

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