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Organic Choice makes luxurious, well-designed home cleaning products that are safe for people and the planet; Made in Australia.
The brand believes being surrounded by beautiful things brings a little luxury to your every day. The goal is to inspire you to not only enjoy the process of cleaning a little more, but to also enjoy the feeling of luxuriating in your home after your chores - you deserve it!
Organic Choice range of cleaning and home care products are made with beautiful botanical blends, certified organic essential oils which supports local organic farmers. All products use naturally derived ingredients, which are readily 100% biodegradable, SLES & SLS free, and grey water safe. Their “organic choice” is to work with no nasties and ensure the ingredients are cruelty-free as well as palm oil free certified. All products are safe to use around young children, your pets and the environment.
Organic Choice home & cleaning products carry an extensive range includes laundry & linen sprays, dishwasher and kitchen products, surface cleaners, floor cleaners, air fresheners, reed diffusers and soy candles.
The packaging is made out of plastic and do not offer refillable options. The brand explains why: “We would be thrilled to be able to offer refill options to our customers. Unfortunately we cannot convince the large supermarket chains to stock any refill packs. You will see it's not only our brands, but many others, that also cannot get refills on shelf. This is due to consumer demand - which plays a huge factor in the supermarket's decision making - not enough of us buy refills to justify space on shelf apparently! We need to rely on our customers to put some pressure on these companies to start stocking refill packs so that the triggers and bottles can be used multiple times.” In the mean time, you may be able to order some of their products in a bulk pack directly from by contacting directly with Organic Choice.

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