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Made on purpose, Outland Denim is a sustainable jeans brand that was born to end poverty & slavery. With denim, the brand help prevents young girls from being drafted into sex trade, or as slave labor into the garment industry.
Outland Denim is a social enterprise creating premium denim products that help tackle the world’s human trafficking crisis. Every 30 seconds, someone is sold in the human trafficking industry. Once in, it’s nearly impossible to escape. Founder James traveled to Asia and saw first hand…
Outland Denim runs a program called The Denim Project, which offers young girls with an interest in sewing to earn fair wages and to learn and master the crafts of sewing and fashion.
Through Outland Denim, today these women craft premium denim from the finest raw materials from around the world. The brand has proven a sustainable career path and holistic approach to supporting their staff, along with their families and communities. 750 people, so far, have benefited from stable employment with Outland Denim in Cambodia.
As for the sustainability aspect, the brand uses organic cotton to create their denim. Organic cotton is farmed with zero use of agrochemicals, such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which are known to reduce soil quality, contribute to water pollution, and severely affect the health of farmers.

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