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Outliv is a fashion accessories brand that uses upcycled materials to create sweet-as bags and purses. Because clothing should out live us all and not be so easily disregarded!
The brand has a true commitment to recycling; all used to make the bags is taken from 100% recycled clothing with low to zero waste in the production process. Outliv accessories use vintage and second-hand genuine leather and denim, as well as retro patterned lining fabrics.
Each garment is cut to reduce waste and also ensure the offcuts can be used for other pattern pieces. The founder, Amy claims one of the benefits of this Design and Production model is that it enables the flexibility to be creative with fabrics that might typically be classed as waste.
Outliv was created out of the concern for the state of our planet and the Future of Fashion. When producing new leather and denim fabrics the amount of pollution that is created and that runs into the rivers, oceans and seas is frightening and toxic to our planet. So much time and energy is put into growing, harvesting, weaving, dying and printing fabrics. For this reason the brand chooses to recycle the fabrics we use in a circular design process before these clothes and fabrics are so easily discarded and disposed of to landfill.

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