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Rash-free & Disposable Natural Baby Diapers on Parasol Co

The invention of super-absorbent disposable diapers has enhanced diaper performance beyond our wildest imaginings. It allows newborns to have dry and more pleasant days. No one can deny that disposable diapers are a fantastic efficiency in today's environment; yet, there is little understanding about the materials used in diapers, and few firms opt to give a complete list of components.

Parasol’s natural diapers are made from fabrics that are very absorbent, super soft, and super light. They absorb humidity away from the skin rapidly, trapping its layers down to avoid an uncomfortable rash. Day and night, naturally breathable materials keep the baby feeling fresh and breezy. High waistband with soft 8-strand stretch fits all body types for a secure yet comfortable fit that moves with a baby without skin irritation or rashes.

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