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If you were born for adventures and hiking, we are sure you would care about nature. And most likely you would try to protect the environment. Patagonia creates a range of activewear with a social and environmental caring culture.
The brand is one of the leading companies getting a Fair Trade certified, and beyond: in business to save our home planet. Patagonia focuses on environmental and social responsibility, working to reduce their own carbon foot print and make sure their garments are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain.
Furthermore, Patagonia is out to change the fashion industry, but most of all are passionate about improving the environment. In good or bad times, the company sticks to their culture to make decisions – giving priority to what matters the most. For this brand, healthcare, childcare, training, and development are more important than cutting corners, simply because that would affect the most vulnerable people as well as the planet.
The brand truly brings an unconventional approach, where besides producing good quality clothes, every garment piece would have a very extended life-cycle compared to other cheaper and lower quality brands. Ultimately, this creates a ripple effect of a positive impact to keep in mind: more products sales mean increase of waste and emissions from producing, shipping and packaging.

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