About Brand

Planet Box wants kids to be kids, and so this lunch box comes here to celebrate fun and adventure!
The brand wants to build a community that cultivates healthy habits for the next generation. PlanetBox was founded 10 years ago by parents who were frustrated with single use plastic and looking for a way to simplify lunchtime prep. They worked together to develop a clever solution.
Each of our lunchboxes make it easier for you to pack a meal or snack that you feel good about and that your kids are excited to open up and munch on. Kids need wholesome food and hydration to stay curious and make everyday fun. This is why Planet Box design team is dedicated to developing a range of eco-friendly and durable products. They’re made from non-toxic food safe materials, like high quality stainless steel, which makes it easy breezy to clean up! Snack. Lunch. Adventure.

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