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Qrucifix is an ethical, UK based women's underwear brand— creating plant dyed classic and bondage lingerie from environmentally sustainable materials. They are creators of quality, handmade underpinnings for passionate lingerie enthusiasts & badass sustainable warriors.

When it comes to a bra, we love two things: abundant styling and a good fit. For this, Qrucifix designs bras that are adjustable throughout- providing you a fully tailored fit; combined with a detachable bra back panel to allow easy Mix & Match across other designs— as your heart desires.

As part of all their lingerie, the brand choses to use only cruelty-free, ethically sourced materials for their collections; excluding fur, leather, wool even silks. For the colours, the brand has turned into nature for a long-term solution for their dyes that effectively reduces waste water and environmental footprint.

By colouring the lingerie pieces with plant dyes that are nourishing and kind to the skin, you’ll ensure that your (most delicate) intimate areas are unexposed to any nasties that could cause potential skin irritation or hormonal disruption. Plant pigments do not contain, nor require any toxic chemicals that could harm you or the environment. In this sense, plant dyes are naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The materials are chosen based on light weight, sheer and zero waste— their surplus mesh range is created with easy styling in mind; whether worn as part of an elegant night-time lingerie look or an everyday set to hug your curves. Soft, stretchy & plant dyed.

Qrucifix collections come with great quality craftsmanship on a small scale production, where all items are made from environmentally sustainable materials, carefully plant-dyed, sewn and shipped from their small UK studio. As an ethical business, they ensure all areas of the production is safe, efficient and all our people are treated fairly, providing everyone a safe, secure working environment.


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