About Brand

Rapanui is a fashion brand that makes all apparel and underwear (for her and him) from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. You can shop from their designs or custom-make your own t-shirts!
All of their products are created using GOTS certified organic cotton (you can trace the entire cotton journey from start to finish on their website) and ethically made in a wind-powered factory. Plus, this brand is all about creating a circular supply chain. Meaning, their products, once worn out, can be returned to be reused again and again (this practice mainly applies to their organic t-shirts).
And in their factory on the Isle of Wight, Rapanui t-shirts are produced in real-time, in the seconds after they are ordered. This means the brand only makes what people actually need, when they need it. The conscientious application of technology has enabled them to demonstrate that there is a different way of operating, and it works.
Recently Rapanui has built a platform so that anyone in the world has access to our supply chain and tech. It's called Teemill, and it's free.

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