About Brand

Recycled Mat are mats made out of recycled plastic and all are authentically designed by indigenous artists. The art on them creates colourful textures, patterns, and fun educational motifs so that these cosy mats add life and vigour to any space. A functional mat that incorporates a cultural aspect, keeping it alive and real.
Beautiful, practical, culturally inspired, sustainably made (due to recycled materials) and educational, these Recycled Mats have infinite possibilities for every occasion. With one of these, you will find any time suitable for circle time, a conversation piece to have it with family, friends or just you – making what you like the most. Because it’s the simple things in life that make it worth it.
The mats are very versatile and you will soon realise how many people are getting enjoyment out of them. The range of Recycled Mats is great for indoors or outdoors, to decorate your office; to stay home or take them to the beach; to organise a campground or take them to your next road trip. A light to carry mat for the park, to use at your weekend picnics or a family gathering for fireside festivities; ideal to take at sporting events, fetes and festivals; to create a space for the children – so they can do painting activities and get really messy!!

Read more about “Mama, let’s go on a road trip!” Anywhere with your recycled outdoors mat!

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