About Brand

Red Seal offers New Zealanders a wide range of natural solutions, based on science, since 1923. Created by naturopaths and pharmacists and readily available at an affordable price.
For nearly 100 years Red Seal has created products to support your everyday health and wellness by focusing on one simple idea: when you put incredible in, you get incredible out. Their history and expertise is in natural healthcare. The brand offers vitamins, minerals and herbs which help the body reestablish balance and health.
Long before people began talking about alternative medicines and holistic health, an English trained naturopath by the name of William T. Anderton was creating his own herbal remedies for the people of Auckland, New Zealand. Based on his studies and observations, he believed the human body to be self-correcting - "when it becomes ill, the body automatically begins to cure itself and re-establish the balance needed for good health". He also believed that this process could be assisted and hastened with certain herbal and natural remedies.
Inspired by New Zealand nature and the incredible nature of all New Zealanders, Red Seal builds on a hundred years of knowledge and naturopathic wisdom, creating incredible products to support the everyday health and wellness of all New Zealanders.

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