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Would you like to join #RefillRevolution? Then this is an app for you. Refill is designed to help people use less plastic and save drinking water every day. The app shares a global network of Reduce, Reuse and Refill with the community.
The movement started with an organised group of individuals and one simple aim: to reduce plastic pollution by making it easier for people to reuse and refill their bottle with free tap water.
Another proof that individual action can create a global impact to keep Britain hydrated and free of plastic pollution. The app keeps expanding to new countries, so put your tap on the map and start water refill like a champion!
So far +270,000 refill stations listed; +300,000 app downloads; +100 Million plastic water bottles saved; +420 refill schemes globally!

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Thousands of water Refill stations on the map. Put by you!

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